Category: Selling on Ecommerce

Category: Selling on Ecommerce

Ecommerce News: Why do businesses have to take product pictures, advertising photograph for the brand?

admin March 28,2017

A great method that many small and large enterprises use to bring their products closer to users and over the public is community communication services. However, because, the cost of advertising to use that service is quite high, so most people choose the website companies which are the crucial elements to help customers to identify


Ecommerce News: power of visual content – The importance of images

admin March 27,2017

From the past until now, the content has been the king, but in the developing of imaging technology, the king not only has the power of speech but also owns a weapon. That is visual content. Transmitting the content by the image  is also called visual content. It is the way that people use eye-catching


Ecommerce News: 8 Things you need to know when building an E-commerce store

admin March 13,2017

Digital marketing is the new wonder of the business world. Almost every serious business is fully committed to exploring the amazing potential that the internet has to offer. It is a fact that one of the strongest ways to annex the possibilities that are available in digital marketing is having an E-commerce platform for your


Tips: How to write product descriptions for sell ?

admin March 10,2017

  Is your writing product description currently attractive enough or not? Is product description able to convince the reader to click on the “Buy Now” or “Try it now”? Or is the simple that you list the features of the product and show what it is used for? Let’s write absolutely attractive product descriptions in


Ecommerce News: 10 secrets to win customers on business online.

admin March 9,2017

CREATING A PARTICULAR TREND The human beings are always in need of belonging to a certain group (Fan group, hobby group, passion group…etc.) We love the connection of members in a team. If you can create a trend of those people that love you, you will make a big fan. When a person joins a


TIPS: Background Removal and Retouching Image: Help ecommerce product image

admin March 7,2017

  We all know that if you want to sell products online, you need images. What’s your first thought when you see at the website? Images show readers what you have to offer without making them commit. If you have great photos of great products, they’ll stick around to read the details. Today we will


TIPS: Why Product Image is important for eCommerce Store?

admin March 4,2017

  As far as I know, there are many factors that create a successful e-commerce store. However, I strongly believe that high-quality product photos are always one of the most important keys to increase your sales. A product photo will help you create the impression to customers, finding the potential customer. Because, as you know,


Tips: Why should not use free software to remove background on product image?

admin March 3,2017

  Removing the background of pictures is a very necessary and it is used widely in editing the pictures nowadays. Most of the people remove the background of the pictures to make the product images in online selling website. This makes the product images more professional and eye-catching. Other people remove the background of the


TIPS : 5 Tips to make your Bigcommerce store amazing

admin March 2,2017

  Bigcommerce is the best e-commerce platform for small and medium retailers with all the necessary features to open the shop, to promote, manage and expand the online store effectively. So, concentrating on making your Bigcommerce more amazing is an important step for growing sales. However, you will have some problems or difficulties that you


TIPS: Things to avoid when Selling on Facebook

admin February 27,2017

  Today, with the great development of internet and social network channel, especially Facebook. Why would you do not think about setting up a Facebook Store to sell on Facebook? Well, Facebook has over 1.71 billion active users every single month. Anyone who has passion for online business, can create an online shop on Facebook



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