Tips: How to write product descriptions for sell ?

admin March 10,2017


Is your writing product description currently attractive enough or not? Is product description able to convince the reader to click on the “Buy Now” or “Try it now”? Or is the simple that you list the features of the product and show what it is used for? Let’s write absolutely attractive product descriptions in order to interact, persuade and sell. To begin with, you should know exactly who you want to sell products.

Make a list including the whole characteristics and benefits of the product

You talk about your products anytime, anywhere. You’ve spent many years developing applications and extremely been excited to upgrade the features of the best-selling items. You let everyone see all the details and characteristics of the products. Is that what they want to read?

The answer is no.

The potential customers do not want to know what your product is or what its benefits are. They want to know what they will get when using. Do the products make their lives become better? What are these problems will be solved if they use it? Before writing, you list all the features and qualities of commodities you sell. If the features of the product reflect the simple characteristics, the benefits are an explanation for readers how this feature will operate. Benefits can be explained in a positive way or a problem can be reduced or avoided.

Most of us usually have the attitude to prevent the trouble, so you should write in the direction of the product help customers how to avoid problems.

To persuade people to buy the product or try it, you need to get them read the content you offer. How will you do to make them not skim the entire page and begin to study carefully the content you have invested in highlighting your products? According to the research that people just read the average of 16 percent of the content on one normal website.

To make the product description easy to follow, you should note that:

– The subheading encourages people tending to skim to start slowing down and study in details

– Dashing the key points

– Large fonts to be easy to read

– Use video or photo to increase the demand for using or purchasing products

– Many white spaces are oriented to the reader through the contents and make the site become an interesting place for reading news

– Designing web and content should be closely coordinated with each other, interacted and helped each other become stronger, more attractive for visitors

Write a first draft product description

When you know the target customer portrait and make the plan for developing content, writing the first draft will become easier. Read again the list of the features, benefits, objectives, and objections (if any) and arrange them follow a logical order so that customers can easily follow.

If your list is relatively short, but the best benefits first and the least important thing at the end. If this list is long, you should arrange to follow the topic.

Turn wishy-washy drafts become attractive official version seems as an impossible job. Therefore, write the first version when you feel full of energy and full of ideas. Write quickly and do not worry about spelling or grammar.

Edit the draft to increase the persuasiveness

It not only means that you just correct spelling and grammar but also the revisions must be more receptive and charismatic.

Review the list of the features and benefits of products to make sure you do not miss anything.

Check the level of interaction. Iscontent focused on the reader or the company? The interactive content will use the word “you” more than the brand name, product, or the word “I” and “we”.

Improve receptivity by replacing confusing words with simple words and reducing the average length of sentence.

Do not worry about starting the sentences with the word “and”, “because” or “but”. Even Apple’s copywriters start sentences with conjunction words.


Replace the common terms by going into the details because the more detail content is, the more trust customers are.

Do not forget to add data if it is possible because they describe exactly and pay the attention to readers.

Before moving on to the final step, speak the product descriptions out loudly. Do you have a stumble in any sentence? Is the product description enough to entice customers or not? Is it successful in convincing customer buy products? Please spend much of time for your product description carefully before you can convince the buyer to withdraw money to his wallet.

Optimize the product description for search engines


When you write for targeted customer portraits and use the words they often use, you automatically optimize the product description for the search engines because these words would be the phrase they type on Google when want to know about this product.

Some useful tips:

Avoid using technology unless your target customers also use those words.

Consider using the keyword phrases in the headline, subheading and supporting sentences.

Optimize your product images using keyword phrases in the title of the picture, description image, and alt tag.

However, focusing on optimizing the content on search engines will reduce the attractiveness to readers because nobody wants to read an article just for tools but not for human. Always remember that writing for customers before optimizing for search engines.

How to write attractive product description?

Do not just create a simple product description. Let’s think about the customer and consider whether you can make their lives easier, richer or happier or not. Making them be convinced by its benefits is the effective writing product description to increase your sales.

Good luck!

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