Jewelry Retouching from $5 / image

Professional photo editing services for photographers and photography studios around the globe.

Retouching jewelry is not an easy job and may be more complex than retouching another image. Coming to our company, we will provide jewelry retouching services for the products of any complexity and even which made of any materials.

We understand that keeping details and features of the products is very important. And making them appeal to the viewers is also very a must request. So we always try to meet specific requirements of our individual clients and give them the best services served by our team.

Service Includes:

Background Removal

Diamond, gold, rose gold silver & metal
Jewelry hi-end retouch & beautification
Diamond making sparkling
Color correction/change
Wristwatch retouching
Cleaning spot & scratch
Sharpen and clarity adjustment
Straightening, rotating, removing creases
Camera RAW corrections: blur, light, shoot angle, zoom

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