TIPS : 5 Tips to make your Bigcommerce store amazing

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Bigcommerce is the best e-commerce platform for small and medium retailers with all the necessary features to open the shop, to promote, manage and expand the online store effectively. So, concentrating on making your Bigcommerce more amazing is an important step for growing sales. However, you will have some problems or difficulties that you do not expect.

To solve these problems, in this article, I’ll show you some useful tips for your Bigcommerce store has a great start.

Great business start with great Logo

To begin with, you should have a professional logo for your store. A professional looking logo will create customer’s trust in your shop. This is especially important to make an impression with customers, demonstrate your professionalism, and this is also the way to marketing your store.

With services such as 99design or Design crowd, you will have a great logo within one week that you do not need to pay any money.

Resizing your product images on Bigcommerce store

A large image will attract more customers than small image. And this means that it will make an increase in your revenue. If that picture is blurry, small, customers won’t spend more time on your page.

In addition, a clear picture will help customers are closer with products that and look at the details of products to be able to choose easily what they want,

Get your store listing on Google Map Business

Google is a search engine which allows people to search for what they want, need.

With a mobile phone on the hands, customers are able to find the products, stores they want to go on Google. That is the reason why you should put your store on the Google map business to promote your brand.

Writing blog post

The blog is always a great way to increase your search engines and find out potential customers for your store. So many stores have links to their blogs (usually in their footers) — but their blogs don’t have any content!

Customers would be easy to catch the information of the products, the benefits, features or how to use your products. You should update regularly the necessary information or offer these useful tips for your products.

Building transportation costs

There will be a competitive advantage if you know how to build transportation costs. Below is 2 ways you can build your shipping costs for your store:

The first way, you can free shipping for orders and this shipping cost will be added to your product.

The second, you can free shipping for orders with a certain size. For example, free ship with the orders over $ 200. That would be a great way to encourage customers to buy more products in your shop.

All in all, I believe that these tips what I share above will make your Bigcommerce shop awesome and increase revenue for your shop.

Good luck!

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