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admin March 27,2017


From the past until now, the content has been the king, but in the developing of imaging technology, the king not only has the power of speech but also owns a weapon. That is visual content.

Transmitting the content by the image  is also called visual content. It is the way that people use eye-catching content to draw the viewer’s attention. According to the researchers of Adweek, Forbes or Content Marketing Institute, most users prefer looking at pictures to words, grazing to reading and they prefer to be active rather than to be static. This is why the number of interactions for the content by the image is always higher than the content of the word.

Indeed, it is said that word almost does not exist by creating a long-lasting impression in the human brain, but vice versa the image can do. According to some science researchers, brain analyses fast and accurately and at the same time, encourages associations and thoughts deeper than visual content. Moreover, images are recorded in long-term memory while words are classified into short-term memory. The results show that the numbers of listening just helps you remember 10% of the information while in combination with the image, the memory capacity can be as high as 65%.


It is clear that the power of visual content is the information processing in the human brain, we catch the visual content in seconds while in the form of words you will spend hours reading and thinking.

Image – the origin of the innovation to make a difference

Not only convey the message, the nature of the image is also highly entertaining, so they easily attract the excitement of anyone, stimulate the curiosity and inspire the desire to approach. Therefore, creativity and originality always play an important part of the visual content.

However, making a positive difference in the picture is not a simple thing. Advertisers sometimes have to accept the risks of improving and changing the visual content to reach their true purpose.

For example, the Apple’s first logo is quite complex with a lot of lines as they describe Isaac Newton image sitting under an apple tree. Later, Steve Jobs said that this logo decreased the company’s revenue, so he decided to replace the image of the apple bite a little with rainbow streaks. In 2002, when the latest iMac flat-panel display was introduced, Apple’s logos were replaced monochrome apple image with a unique white silvery color as we know it today.

Picture – Where emotions is really spoken out

According to theory, images are not able to convey scent, sound, sensation but in fact, they are always used by photographers. Getty and NewsCred said that the rational mind may have over-inflated information, but the emotion still needs stimulating each day.” It’s easy to understand why the visual content is so powerful.


Coca-Cola is a prime example of using images to give influence on viewers’ memory and emotion. In 2007, the soft-drink company authorized Turner Duckworth to design a new range of packaging that describes the breath of fresh life with using white and red tone as the main trend. In 2009, Coca-Cola launched the “Open Happiness” campaign, describing the happy moments of users along with its products, and even in 2013, the company honored the customers by carving their names on each can of soft drinks.

Image – Building up a brand portrait

The power of visual content is when it builds in the customer’s perceptions a true and long-lasting portrait of the product by itself. Therefore, in the world, there have been many brands which succeed in shaping the personality of the brand through the image as they create the image that stands the test of time and spreads around the globe.

It is undeniable that we are living in the life full of the power of visual content, as wizards can make a powerful impact from the intuitive tools in hands. Taking product pictures or taking a picture of a major advertisement is also a powerful weapon. If you know to use correctly, convey the right purpose, this visual content will go beyond than thousand words, survive and become the symbol which of time.

If you are running an online store and want to raise efficiency, you need to know the importance of product image for ecommerce.

Let’s go!


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