Tips: Why should not use free software to remove background on product image?

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Removing the background of pictures is a very necessary and it is used widely in editing the pictures nowadays. Most of the people remove the background of the pictures to make the product images in online selling website. This makes the product images more professional and eye-catching.

Other people remove the background of the image to make catalog picture or some things else, may be a poster banner on the street. Generally, there are many reasons for doing it. Today, there so many editing tools for editing the picture, you may have to pay for them or use them free. For free- editing tools, you can download them from their website or use them online by the internet browser. The common things of them are lacking some professional for editing or focusing on some basic feature but easily using. They can help you edit a simple picture fast and easily. Free software is very convenient with some simple pictures, but the big question here is: Why not use them for editing photos, especially for removing the background .

Can not be used for a large number of pictures.

Using free software is very convenient but only for some simple picture. Removing a large number of the picture is a big problem. They lack specialized tools for removing the background of pictures. Their tools are simple and for amateurs users, so removing background of each picture will take time. Using Photoshop or any paid software require you a certain number of skills, but for a large number of images, you can quickly remove the background in a professional way. With most of the editors, Photoshop is the best tool for you to do this special job.

Low-quality edited pictures

To compare with Photoshop, the edited images using free software only have a capacity of about several hundreds of KB. The edited pictures are in low quality and need resolution. Easy to understand, their tools do not have the specialized tools focus on removing background because their installation pack of them are  low (Some software only require 30 MB of capacity, compared with at least 1GB of capacity if using Photoshop Cs6)


Aliasing scale

This is an extremely important factor in removing the background. The edited images with Aliasing scales are not acceptable because it points that. And the product images can not have aliasing scale, it is very unsightly. The quality of edited images using free software is commonly not so high, so the appearance of aliasing scales definitely happens. Obviously, this is an important reason for not using Free-removing software to make product images.

Can not use for complicated images

For complex images, if you use free tools for removing the background, it is so hard or otherwise impossible. Because these software or online websites do not equip the professional tools for this job.

Though Photoshop is hard for using, it is the best choice for you to make product image. Even professional photographers who use thousands of dollars worth of equipment use Photoshop to edit the pictures.

You can not afford to not use Photoshop. You can find a better way. Want to give a try?

Go to Rephotosolution and let us know any instructions or requirements you may need. We will have your image touched up and returned to you within 24 hours!

Your first image is free!




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