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The human beings are always in need of belonging to a certain group (Fan group, hobby group, passion group…etc.) We love the connection of members in a team.

If you can create a trend of those people that love you, you will make a big fan. When a person joins a certain group (such as iPhone lovers Association), they will be loyal and be sure to advocate that group, even though it has some blemishes.

For example, the last time with the secret movement of the cascade that people scrambling to learn it, talk about it and share it! These fans will work for you and promote your brand. Give an example: iPhone user will say well about iPhone anytime, anywhere with anyone listens to them.


This is when buyers find the experts to get the advice, suggestion or something else like that. Every time we want to buy something, we will seek for the guidance of those people that we respect and trust. In your marketing strategy, you can put yourself in a powerful position if you are loved, trusted and your opinions are valuable.

Increasing the total number of potential customers you attract, and by that, the rate of purchasing significantly increases. You can make the good reputation by regularly writing a blog, journal, publishing books, organizing online workshops, sending advice via marketing email or sharing experience through your videos.


First, you don’t need to sell anything at all. When you share your experience with others, you are bringing the values to them. And this experience will help you to build the trust.

When you give the advice to your customers about the needed factors in a certain product, and how your product includes the similar factors, they will begin to doubt the item quality of your competitors and trust in your products.

And because you are the one who shares the information with them, immediately you will be considered to be an expert. Now, they will want to buy your products rather than the products of your competitors.


People are always keen on internal news. The press is largely based on news, interview and exclusive stories for selling well. Please apply the Monopoly method to create an advantage by limiting the number of free members watching the videos.

The limited number will able to increase the price you offer as well as the value of the item for the few people who bought it.

Even in Marketing, you can use tricks similar with some newspapers. Let’s spread some exclusive information to attract people who are curious to know about it.


When you can create specific and particular features, especially in those documents providing information, advertisement and headlines, you will get your own strength.

The more specifically you make, the more viewers trust in you. And the more people trust in you, the more revenue you get.

To think: The products bring to him over $10.000 in 2 months or only $12.323,79 in 64 days.


Many people fail in maintaining the consistency throughout the marketing messages and their marketing method – which makes them less professional.

The graphics, layout, messages of the website and your product image must show the consistency as well as other features throughout the sale process.

Another aspect of the consistency relates to the brand identity. If you can create your own unity identity for your brand, you will get the loyalty from your customers.

Once customer stands on your side, they will always become fond of your products. People are afraid to change their ideas because they have set the loyalty to your products.


You must prove customers that your product is worthy of the price you offer. To do it, you need to provide evidence to prove your product is the same as what you advertise.

You should not exaggerate the excellence of the product. Your customers are smart enough to know what is wrong with your words.

When you are being truthful to talk about your product and provide the true value, customers will be happy to buy your products.


Don’t use the word: “Buy now’’ on purchasing button. No one wants to be offered to buying something at all. And no one wants to feel like you are trying to take money from them.

When selling products, it is better to use the word “Save the item to me” or “Ensure my order” or “ Click here for instant access” Please use words to create the sympathetic relationship with your customers, give them a sense of safety or the feeling they’ll get something quickly.


If you are able to set up a forum for your own website, you really have a great tool for making money

Let’s allow your users to discuss online on your website. The tip for this is just to include ads banner at the top of forum discussions.

Imagine that if you have a forum on which people regularly communicate with each other,  for example, they argued about online money making experience, children raising experience, bodybuilding experience… then what you just need to do is to allow your partners to add their banner in your forum such as Google AdSense and get money from them. You can earn a lot of money from this.


Writing articles relate to your products or your service and allow people to repost your articles on their websites, their eBook, their news or their magazine with the source of the post such as your website at the end of each article.

The most favorite post of people mostly begins with “How?”

Similar to those written above, you are the person who creates the information, so if anyone wants to borrow your post, please tell them to keep the source! It is good for both two sides.



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