Ecommerce News: Why do businesses have to take product pictures, advertising photograph for the brand?

admin March 28,2017

A great method that many small and large enterprises use to bring their products closer to users and over the public is community communication services. However, because, the cost of advertising to use that service is quite high, so most people choose the website companies which are the crucial elements to help customers to identify


Photo Retouching- High end beauty retouching.

admin March 28,2017

This week I’ve put together a tutorial video with some things you need on your portrait photography. It may seem simple but so many photographer owners overlook the attention to detail when it comes to their content on their photo pages. Remember you need take good photos with high resolution. This is one of many


Ecommerce News: power of visual content – The importance of images

admin March 27,2017

From the past until now, the content has been the king, but in the developing of imaging technology, the king not only has the power of speech but also owns a weapon. That is visual content. Transmitting the content by the image  is also called visual content. It is the way that people use eye-catching


TIPS : How to shoot fashion photography with accessories

admin March 25,2017

It is said that most people have an interest in the shooting fashion products with accessories. As a photographer, I’ll share with you 4 tips for shooting fashion photos with accessories and these following things will definitely give you more information when having the intention to combine like this. Look at the photos using the


DIY: How to remove Background by PowerPoint 2010 ?

admin March 22,2017

  In the previous articles, we have presented some basic methods to remove the background of the image with Adobe Photoshop and some other tools, but besides, have you thought you can do that job by using PowerPoint 2010? Please continue to read this article to know a simple way of background removal. Here’s how


TIPS: 15 simple and effective tips for product photography

admin March 18,2017

We know that everyone in different fields who wants to get the best result must invest effort, time and even money. However, these tips below, I hope to help you to save a lot of these things. Getting ready! Cleaning product before taking photo This is a very simple step that newbies rarely notice. If


TIPS: Tips for choosing the suitable background color for shooting.

admin March 16,2017

When it comes to shooting artistic photography, taking a Lookbook or any other type of images, it’s extremely important to mix colors between objects and backgrounds. This is one of the main factors to help you get more beautiful photos and really attract the attention of the viewers. Choosing a suitable background color with your


DIY: How to make simple and effective product photography ?

admin March 14,2017

We know that everyone in every field who wants to get the best result must invest effort, time and revenue. The most successful online selling channels for today’s retailers are the ones on which they post unique, high-quality product images. You must learn how to take professional product photos. We will give for you the best way


Ecommerce News: 8 Things you need to know when building an E-commerce store

admin March 13,2017

Digital marketing is the new wonder of the business world. Almost every serious business is fully committed to exploring the amazing potential that the internet has to offer. It is a fact that one of the strongest ways to annex the possibilities that are available in digital marketing is having an E-commerce platform for your


TIPS: 8 tips to capture high-quality photos by smartphone

admin March 11,2017

  When it comes to running a business, product image is always the important factor for any stores. However, not every shop owner can invest in a photo studio with expensive equipment. One of the current trends the shop owners select is to use smartphones as professional product photography. Its sounds a bit crazy, but



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