TIPS : How to shoot fashion photography with accessories

admin March 25,2017


It is said that most people have an interest in the shooting fashion products with accessories. As a photographer, I’ll share with you 4 tips for shooting fashion photos with accessories and these following things will definitely give you more information when having the intention to combine like this.

Look at the photos using the induction and style of shooting fashion photos of famous people.

Even if you are not a celebrity, many people online are celebrities, there is no reason why you should not attract their attention to your side. Attract these addresses to invest in accessories that look:

– Like what you wear.

– Easy to recreate or reimagine with the items you have in the wardrobe.

– Easy for viewers to buy.

There are many ways of taking product photos that you can attract many people like: from the Hollywood vineyards take the image of Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot to the current style of Rachel Bilson or Kate Middleton. That’s why the name of stars is being searched on the net a lot.

Mix flexible anything in your wardrobe as many ways as possible

As you know, there are three ways to wear a dress. Wear a long skirt from morning to night. There are ten ways to tighten the scarf. There are more than thousand ways to put photography accessories up. These types combine with two favorite skills on the internet and whatever may be, creating photo shoots like that takes much of time and effort and it often requires changing and shooting a lot. That may be worth your effort because you are demonstrating amazing style skills, you also inspire and educate for viewers.

Create a series of images focusing on the costume in special events.


Let’s think of different opportunities, parties, and activities when your readers follow style advice. You have to show them the options about the style of clothes as a guest is going to the wedding. Share the best photos and wait for job interview opportunities. What about the first date, children’s birthday, meeting someone, or traveling by air? There are many options for events and ways to personalize images like that. You can create attractive headlines, the titles should be done and not, personal anecdotes – it’s up to you to name them. You just have to remember that observation is the best teacher. You should illustrate with your product picture. This works because the opportunities will repeat for many people. They will take advantage and bring the image to the citizens. Make sure that the image is easy to find and must be placed in your profile (with captions)!

Make DIY Projects and Demos

You should be smarter in this type of fashion shoot. You can find out a lot of inspiration from DIY sites like Honestly WTF, I Spy DIY, PS, I Made This …, and Stripe & Sequins but you will feel the most interested by joining in a project. Use your denim style, create jewelry inspired by a design work, the opportunity is endless! The DIY project is attractive because it looks like a virus, easy to share, invite and do it yourself.

If you have a tendency to take fashion photo with the accessory, 4 useful tips above will be great advice for you to do it. Hope that this knowledge that I share will help you feel more interested.


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