TIPS: Tips for choosing the suitable background color for shooting.

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When it comes to shooting artistic photography, taking a Lookbook or any other type of images, it’s extremely important to mix colors between objects and backgrounds. This is one of the main factors to help you get more beautiful photos and really attract the attention of the viewers. Choosing a suitable background color with your products is not easy, even for some photographers, they also really do not understand deeply the color in fashion photography.

It is said that a good portrait will really highlight the subject or object in the frame, so their face, clothing, and body must be exposed in detail and united the most. In other words, you should not deviate from the subject of the portrait.

Different colors of the background will convey a different tone and mood, and it will have to be changed and based on the skin color of the object, hair color, clothing, and eyes.

With a deep understanding of the different backgrounds, it will affect a portrait, a photographer will have many options when it comes to changing the mood of each portrait they take.

In this article, I would like to share with you the issue of choosing the right color for shooting photo, the most basic color in a studio.

Black background

The black backdrops look moody, but it makes the subject become smart when taken. It is the great idea for the audiences who really want to stay alone in the portrait. The black color behind the object will make the portrait feel memorable as well as make something become mysterious.


Gray background

Gray is a neutral color and its effects can increase the subtlety, to stress the subject without losing the attention of the viewers. The gray background is a good idea for shooting clothing, jewelry, just because the subtlety of gray background, the eyes of human will naturally be attracted to the object what is taken.


Purple background

The purple backdrop, in general, is considered to be extremely difficult to capture but it is able to be a great ideal color when it comes to shooting babies, products or any topics that you want to impart a strong awareness of imagination in the image. It works well in sense of style and depends on the concept, products. However, the purple shows the sadness, you can’t use purple color to convey this feeling to portraits.

Red background

The red color shows the moving and the activeness, the red color makes people feel hungry and want to eat immediately and it also expresses the passion and usually associates with love. In short, a red background would call attention to itself, like a girl wearing a red dress will attract eyes on her. The red color has the same meaning both love and rage, it should be used carefully and artistically for portraiture.

Brown background

This color is rarely used and often given up, however, a brown background can be the ideal background color for a portrait in some cases, its mundane, neutral characteristic make the theme of the portrait nude. Nude background color makes the viewer feel very comfortable. In other words, it also means that this is a great choice if you want to use brown color to convey something comfortable and familiar.

White background

It is recommended that white background is always the safest choice and the most popular wallpaper for every product when shooting. White background making a sense of purity especially when shooting for newborns, pets or families, it will be a perfect color for a portrait.

Yellow background

The brightness of yellow color means the happiness and it gives more energy to any portraiture. Of course, it is a strong color and can make uncomfortable for those who look at it in a long time. However, you can add a yellow background with some darker colors in order to make them outstanding in the photo.



It seems like the brown color, this type is often used more, the blue background encourages a mundane, comfortable voice for a portrait. For the product or person, it helps to soothe and make more comfortable feeling when looking at the photos, so green is a good choice for a background color.

Pink background

The pink background is very suitable for women and themes of love, portraits of feminine women or women’s products. It is a cheerful color that draws attention and is more subtle than yellow color.

Blue backdrop

It is considered to be a beautiful and popular color when it comes to photography. In comparison with the other natural colors, it is not something that you would like to use with food images or food photos. Green is associated with masculinity and is often used behind the man in portraits, with most of the blue gamut show the power of the man.

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