How to take the best picture with tripod ?

admin August 3,2017


Tripod is an indispensable equipment for most shooting. Natural photography photographer Steve Berardi will guide us how to use it effectively

The idea of using the tripod is simple – just pull it out, put the camera on, that’s it! Honestly, I used to think that I would use a tripod like this. But then, I read an interesting book by Ansel Adams with the title The Camera. This famous photographer says, “Many photographers often set up tripods with different tilts and customizations. However, if time and conditions permit, it would be better if we set up the tripod properly. So we can make sure the steady position of the camera.

Visualize the layout

Let’s take a look at the subject to capture from various angles. This will help you see the subject clearly through the viewfinder. Then you can see the exact composition of the image.


Adjust the tripod properly

Placing one of the tripod’s leg forward the object will give you enough space to stand between the other two legs and avoid touching tripods. In addition, directing the tripod to the ground helps to balance the camera.

Weight is the same for all three legs

A vertical pillar in the middle is the body of the tripod. The head of the pillar is located just below the camera location. To ensure the steady position of the camera, you need to place the central pillar in a downward direction. Using the measurement attached to the central pillar can help you adjust the tripod accurately. These measurements, if not included in your price, are usually shipped with each tripod.


Avoid extending the central pillar

The stability of the center pillar is much less than the three tripod’s legs, so you should only use it for the last situation. This stretch often causes some obstacles to adjusting the pillar to a perfect height. You have to remember that the main role of the tripod is to help you capture the sharpest images possible.

L-shaped pillow:

The “L-shaped pillow” is a special pillow to attach the camera to the tripod head. It is shaped like the letter “L” and allows you to place the camera in the direction of portraiture. The L-shaped pillow has two advantages: maintaining the center weight and give you an extra couple of inches of height.

Tripod mount for long lenses


Because large and heavy lenses can shift the center of gravity of the camera, you need to use a clamp to balance the weight between the camera and the lens. If there is no clamp, your camera will fall down after you clamp it to the head of the tripod

More weight, more stability

If you have to work in a windy environment, attaching a heavy object such as your camera bag to the center pillar of the tripod to increase the weight of the tripod may be a good solution. Many tripods have built-in hangers, but if your tripod does not have them, check to see if you can stick a hanger on a tripod.

However, you also need to be careful when using this method – if your bag shakes vigorously in the wind and touches the tripod’s legs, it means you have actually lost the stability of the tripod.

Why do we need to do the above:

  1. Although using a tripod will take you more time and be slower, it is important that you take care to ensure that you get the sharpest images possible.
  2. Make sure your tripod is stable and stable, prevent tripod from shakes as well as avoid damage to your camera and precious lenses.
  3. Finally, the more time and effort you put into the tripod, the more you will have to focus on the composition of the photo. When you are aware that it will take a long time for the use of such a tripod, you will be more careful in choosing the layout.

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