TIPS: The simplest ways to fix shadow mistakes when shooting photos.

admin April 11,2017


When shooting an item, the shadow effect needs to be avoided because it would lessen the beauty and attraction of the product in the eye of the customer. Below are those methods for shadow pushing in the simplest ways:

 Set up lighting lamp in a suitable way

When you shoot product item in a studio, the light of the lamp is an important factor. If the studio lack light, the product images will be dark, mixed with shadow and not be attracted. On the other hand, if you put the light too much bright, the pictures will look unreal, make viewers feel uncomfortable when looking at them.

To avoid the shadow effect when shooting product items in a studio, you must set up the position of lighting lamp in a suitable way as below:

If you only use one lamp, you should put lamp higher than the product, and point the light of lamp down to the product, then you put the camera on the same side of the lamp before shooting and roll in a circle the product to create different angles while fixing the position of the camera. By this way, the shadow of items is always behind them and not captured by the camera (Not appear in the picture).
If you use 2 lamps, you should put them in 2 opposite positions so that it forms a symmetrical triangle. 2 lamps are higher than the item you want to shoot, and they point the light down to the product.
If you use 3 lamps, you should set up in this way: Using 2 lamps and the third lamp on the high-above position points down to the item (angle: 90 degrees) to delete all the unnecessary shadows. However, remember that: if you want to make a beautiful picture, do not let the light of lamp point to the camera.




Timing the shooting moments.

Besides shooting the product in a studio, product images can be shot outdoor, in a scenery that suit to the features of the product. To shoot outdoor, you will need to use flash lighting, if you don’t have that equipment like that, you can use the light of the sun to have the best natural pictures.

For shooting items and avoiding shadow, you must do should shoot in the time: 7 am to 10 am or 3 pm to 5 pm. At this period of time, the light of the sun is not too bright, you can make get the pictures with beautiful reflection but not be dazzling. Notice: timelines may be changed in seasons, so use your own experiences to do it.

Using dedicated shooting box

We call this equipment is “portable mini studio”

Using a professional  “portable mini studio” is a simple way to avoid the shadow pushing when shooting photos. Normally, for best optimizing, they will use dedicated shooting box accompanied with 2 or 3 lighting lamp. The box will soften the light, making sharper and nicer images, there will be no reflection or shadow that photographers do not have the intention to make.

If you want to save the money, let learn how to set up a mini studio to get qualified image.

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