TIPS: How to take photos of jewelries ?

admin April 8,2017

Getting high-quality jewelry pictures is a problem that has not been solved well, yet. However, there are some shooting techniques used by professional photographers, which can be applied to all amateurs but can still bring about impressive results.

Set up lighting lamp and other equipment

In preparation for the shoot, we used an “EZ cube’’ camp to soothe the shadows and remove the dazzling, It also provides a smooth background. In addition, we also use a table lamp in the studio to create the main light source. We use a compact lighting lamp to provide the lighting source and make sure that lighting source is as same as sunlight. We also use a special Led lamp calling “sparkler lamp” to create the glitter for the diamond or the surface of a gem.

The main factors to shoot adornments are the sharper, lighting, capturing timing and glitter effect in the case of capturing jewelry. A jewel picture is recommended to get the highest sharpening. The best choice is that you should set your camera in “Manual mode” and focus system in the mode: “Spot focus”. Default focus mode is average focus mode: “average focus”, this mode takes the focus that bases on a large area of the image frame. While we want to take the focus on the necessary area we need, in the “Spot focus” mode, it allows us to handle exactly which area we will make the focus. However, in this feature, lots of digital cameras can not take the focus on the very small items like jewelry, diamond… In that case, to take a photo of those items, we need a camera with the perfect ability to take the focus of an item.

Another factor to make the image sharper is using the tripod ( 3 feet tripod). One simple and basic thing is using the tripod or any equipment to fix the camera body when you are shooting the jewel. A solid tripod is better than a week tripod. However, having the support of a tripod is better than not having, at last; you should use it.

Another important factor is the light. Normally,  it is nice to use the soft light diffuser when shooting jewel. We know that the flash lamp of the camera can not be used to shoot the jewelry or make any product pictures. Indeed, this lamp is too dazzling when we shoot in the short distance, but the main reason is that it doesn’t suit for taking jewel pictures. The flash of the camera makes the shadow very dark. Instead of using Flash, we use a lighting lamp for capturing product images. Using this light, it allows the photographer to see what image will look like before shooting.

We use Neon lighting lamp to create the light as same as the sunlight. Those lighting lamps provide the beautiful and natural light, they create less heat, so we can use them continuously for a long time and they don’t make the photographer feel hot. Even when we use neon lighting lamp, we also use an “EZcube” camp to make the light softer.

Suitable capturing speed is also the main factor to have a picture as you want. Now, we will examine some specific situations for shooting jewel below:

Just need to use only 2 lamps, we can do a great job for all kind of shooting jewel. Setting up two lamps in two sides of EZcube camp to soften the light and to reduce the dazzling on the product. Those lamps provide the main source of light for jewel items.

Make sure that you set up those light in the right position to make them become the source of light as your intention. Let’s try to arrange and exchange the position of the lamp to find down an area that can make your product outstanding. When you move the lamp, you should notice how light is changed on the jewel items. An experienced photographer will use a strong lighting source and a weaker lighting one to create the deep effect of your product in the picture.

How to make Jewel or Diamond surface more sparkling?

The diffusion light inside the camp creates a soft lighting source on the surface of the jewel, making a beautiful picture. However, this lighting source can not provide the necessary light conditions to create the glitter on the jewel or diamond surface. So, we need another lighting source putting near the camera that allows light directly to the surface of the jewel. But you must not use a normal lamp because it will create so many dazzling marks and make item hot.


Using a third special lamp (Sparkler light) is the main factor to create the sparkling light for the diamond. You should put this lamp in the right place to create more glitter as you can.
Let’s look at target-frame of the camera, while you move this Sparkler lamp. When we capture some trial picture, we realize that it is good to turn off all of the other lights in the room until we find the great position for getting back the most outstanding pictures.

Make the diamond more sparkling.

Using a kind of Tabletop lighting lamp with specific bulb designed only for shooting diamond. Inside the bulb, there are 19 led white light bulbs to create the light as in the day. This light is called “Diamond Dazzler” Led, it creates the strong lighting source and concentrates lights to necessary area, making the beams of light on the diamond surface but this does not make the picture dazzling. This lamp is only used for shooting diamond.

The level of this LED light in the equivalent Kelvin degree is 5000K. So, it can create the beams of light on the surface of the diamond or make the glitter so that picture will not be dazzling. It is designed to be suitable for the “Sparkler lights” 5 inches of size.

Remember: do not mix the sources of light with different color levels. We use all lamps creating light of day at 5000 K (Kelvin degree) for shooting all picture in this post, and don’t need to edit more the colors of them. Besides, you must set “ White balance” of your camera in Auto mode. If you forget this advice you may get back the image with a little blue color in the all pics you shoot.

How to form the pendant stand when shooting?

We use a special type of wax to form the position for jewelry. You only need to add a little wax under the item that you want to fix. This is a perfect way to make your ring or your pendant fixed.

We use a special type of wax to support jewelry, it is considered as an invisible hand holding small jewelry in standing posture. Just for a little wax underneath the jewelry, you are working to fix it. This is a great way to make a ring or a high pendant standing fixed. I also used some wax here for sides you did not see in the picture. So just take as little as possible. This wax is very strong and does not dry out so we can be used more often. The ability of this wax is so strong and it is not dry for a long time, so we can use it many times.

Shoot with black mirror (Creating mirror reflection effect)

Using a glossy plastic or black glass to bring strong impress to viewers. “Black marble” is often used by professional photographers. In addition, they can be used to create many other different effects which depend on the angle of light.

Each kind of black glasses or plastic papers will give them a specific effect. Depend on your ideas about your pics, you can choose the most suitable material for your shooting. You can set up those black materials as the picture above. Each kind of arrangements will bring different effects.

How to make pearls look more attractive?

When shooting pearls, we should only use one lighting source that place above them. This will create a circular pearl effect and make the pearls outstanding.

Now, the duty of EZ cube camp is diffusing and softening the light.

Besides, forming the shape of Pearls chain is an art you shouldn’t forget before shooting.

After shooting jewelry picture, to improve it, please watch this video to know how to retouch high-end jewelry photos. Enjoy !

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