TIPS: Beautiful angles you should know when shooting photos

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Shooting photography is a necessity when you start selling online or doing online advertisement. The customers observe the product in different angles to have the best understanding of it. The more specific detail you give about a product (including product images), the higher level that customers trust in your website. Below are the best shooting angles that we want to introduce to you and you should remember.

Take the direct shot

Take the direct shot when your lens point is direct to the product and they are the same height, it will give the customer the full view of one side of the product. Normally, the front of the product is chosen to insert the name, brand or logo of the company.


Tilting capture

The camera is put in different angles to shoot product in different tilting angles, providing for a customer a variety looking angles of products view of angles of products. Moreover, shooting product in a tilting angle makes the product more attractive. The tilting angles popular to be used( the popular tilting angles are: 45 degrees, and 30 degrees horizontal.

Tilting capture on high-above


shutterstock_552161758In this technique, the camera is put higher than the product to capture the top of the product. Normally, the best shooting method is not directly shooting the top of product (90 degrees as the last method of shooting), instead of doing that, we choose a tilting angle that can show various angles of the product, and make the picture deeper.

Tilting capture at the bottom up

This kind of shooting will be suitable with for the luxurious and complicated items. This shooting method makes the product more valuable and reliable.

Shooting from High-above direct to product ( 90 degrees)

The photographer only uses this angle of shooting when all of the products are arranged on a flat surface. This style of shooting requires your experiences. However, if you are successful in this way, this angle of shooting will bring about many beautiful pictures. This method is used for shooting fashion products such as clothes, and food.




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