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After investing a lot of money on hiring the advisor and website designers, finally, you already have your own professional online selling website. Then all you need now is updating products on your website and attracting the customers that visit your website. The job of optimizing images has become an important part of building a successful selling online site.

Have you ever wondered?

– Why when I search in google the keyword of my product, my product images never appear?

Do I need to add “Alt Tags” on my images?

– What are the differences between the formations of Image: JPEG, GIF, and PNG- What formation I should use?

And here are some things you should notice about images on the website That you should know to do your job better:

  1. Names of  your images

Google has the ability to analyze all kind of data such as “color of the image, the layout of it and anything else like that. However, a point for Google to analyze and read it that many people don’t know or never forget is the “name” of the picture.

Instead of meaningless series of numbers that the camera makes by default modes such as IMG_9697-e179 or other names of the picture that don’t relate to the topic of your post.

Notice: you should take a certain amount of time to name your own pictures.

How to name them: Write their names without marks (some languages using the latin alphabet have with marks as French, or Vietnamese), Put yourself in the customer’s position and wonder: If I want to find this product, I will type what keyword on Google search? And the answer is the right name you should put.

For example: In this picture, the name you should put is “ Harry Potter”. It is easier for customers to find the shirts as they want.

  1. Optimizing the Alt tab

What is alt tab?

Alt tab stands for Alternative information that is used as images in case the images cannot be displayed or in the hidden mode on the internet browser.

The importance of alt tab:

Alt is a word or a keyword used to describe the image on the website, it is very important in SEO. Google engine will concentrate on analyzing the Alt text of content. Google cannot look at the picture and know which ideas that your picture is indicating about but they may only be able to read the content of the picture through Alt tab. Besides, the importance of Alt tab is also shown at the field: because of some reasons, your picture can not be displayed, ALT text will be displayed instead.

At this point,  the first priority when talking about optimizing pictures is filling each Alt tab for all of the product images on your website.



Below are some rules when talking about alt tab:


  1. What imaging formation should choose?
    – Repeat the phrasal word of image name (keyword).– If you sell the product which has sizes something else( bỏ) such as Size 41, large, Small. Using it in your alt tab. Tips: Copy all the description of your product here. Write the keyword+ the name of website)– I already have an article about shooting product in different angles. Please repeat the outstanding feature of products for each image.

    1. Notice about size & capacity of

    If your website has a maximum size of the image (maybe: 800x 600 pixel), you should try your best to resize your image to the standard size. If you lazy, you can’t attract customers to visit and purchase on your website. Simply, because if the pictures are not in standard size, they will turn off the browser immediately because of too long loading. A tip for images in E- commerce is trying your best to make the capacity of your image in about 70kb – 200 kb.

    Let’s see these statistics to be clear:

    – Most of the users wait for 3s for loading website on personal computer and about 5S on their smartphone

    – Amazon saw that if their pages are slower in 1s, they would lose $1600.000.000 per year

    – Optimizing the time of loading page is a strength of Google

    If you have those images that require a user more than 15-second loading for user box, you surely,  this potential user will say goodbye immediately with your online page.

    You now see the importance of Size & capacity of images, but you don’t know how to reduce the capacity of them or fix them in standard size. Here are some suggestions:

    Adobe Photoshop: you must be so familiar with Photoshop, Right? a way to reduce the capacity of files is using the function: “Save for the web”. When using this command, you can adjust the image to lowest capacity but the quality of the image can be accepted.

    Some thing should notice about product photos for your website



  1. What imaging formation should we choose?

There are 3 image formations which are popular for saving pictures. They are JPEG, GIF, and PNG.

The JPEG can be remarkably ripped, so the quality and capacity of it are quite low.

GIF is the formation that the quality of the image is even lower than JPEG and is used for simple and decorating simple image, icon picture, for example…GIF is popularly known for animation pictures.

PNG is becoming more popular as an alternative solution for GIF. It supports more colors than GIF and does not lose quality by time as JPEG.  In addition, the capacity of it is bigger than JPEG.

As you see, here, JPEG is the actual winner. That is my advice for using( that is why I recommend you to use) JPEG for your website.

Here are some tips for using the formation of files:

– After all, JPEG is the best choice for using. It provides the best quality and smallest capacity.

– Never use GIF for big product images. The capacity of product images will be very large and you do not have any ways to reduce it. You can use Gif for small pictures or decorating pictures.

– PNG is the best choice also. If you only have to choose it for uploading, try to use) PNG-8 or PNG-24.

– Most of the imaging editing software can save the image in 3 formations: JPEG, PNG, and Gif.


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