7 secrets to get a real press photo

admin August 14,2017

press photo
press photo

In a video shared by, Damir Sagolj shared seven tips for capturing the best press photos. This is a guide for journalists who want to pursue this job.

Damir Sagolj is a senior photojournalist working for Reuters and is currently the representative of this news agency in Bangkok.

Bamir Sagolj has been to many hot events such as the Balkans, Middle East, North Korea, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangkok … and won many international press photo awards. Here is the secret that helped Bamir Sagolj succeed in his career.

  1. Predict the moment and shoot as much as possible

As you work, the event may occur any time so you should turn the camera on and take as many shots as possible. Even well-known journalists are not sure when the “precious moment” will come.

If you keep waiting until that moment happens and you’re still messing with the camera, string, bag or parameters, you will be regretful to see that moment pass through your eyes.

The advice here is to make an estimate and try to capture as much as possible.

  1. Look for the information about the subject that you intend to capture

press photo

Do not wait until you get to where you work and just think about the story.

You need to know many things before the trip such as place, local people, their culture, natural environment, and society, etc.

And most importantly, let’s first think what story you want to tell through your photos.

  1. The more supporter, the better

Always remember to never go too far away from your area, especially if you are in the least peaceful countries or places where you have been to only one or two times like Syria, North Korea, Pakistan, Iraq, etc. These are really “dangerous lands for journalists”. In such areas, you need to have a companion like an interpreter, a driver who can help and protect you in the unfortunate accidents. Build as many relationships as possible, as you can never predict when you will need someone’s help

  1. Prioritize the impressive subject

press photo

Think about the story you want to tell and choose a unique aspect to approach. Do not be too greedy and do not try to “deliver everything”.

When working, journalists choose to pick the subject with clear and impressive details to spread the message.

At the same time, you yourself understand your desire, aspirations and superior skills. So if you are working in the group, talk and assign work for each person.

  1. Understand your equipment and idea


One of the important things is that you have to know the functions of the camera you are using and actually master the device so that it serves your idea, purpose.

Remember, ideas and moments will come in a very short time if you do not know how to use your equipment properly and in time, you will forever miss.

  1. Learn from colleagues

Enhance your knowledge from your peers, especially those who work in the same field as you. The world has many great photographers, we will learn a lot from them.

If you want to be a true journalist, do not sit all evening to look at and satisfy with your newly-published works. Take the time to look at other journalists’ pictures and draw lessons for yourself.

  1. Be a “stealth man” when working

Remember that we are photojournalists and not “photographers”, readers want to see the story as real as possible. No one wants to see “not real”, whether it be beautiful or carry the meaningful message.

When you work, hide as close as possible, do not let your appearance affect the nature of the subject. Keep working quietly, using less vocal, less noticeable equipment.

In addition, journalists need to remember that taboos in journalistic ethics are framed or overly edited.

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