How to create luscious lips in Photoshop CS6?

admin August 5,2017

luscious lips

For girls, makeup makes them beautiful and attractive than ever. So, when it comes to makeup, we often think of tools such as powder, lipstick, and brushes. However, if I say do not need these tools, I still can make up. It sounds unbelievable, but with Photoshop nothing is impossible.

Learning how to make up in Photoshop is a pretty interesting. If you know how to edit in Photoshop, your pics would be pretty. Either you take photos without the need for making up but if you know how to make up with Photoshop software, the face on the picture also become beautiful immediately. So why do not we learn a little more knowledge about it so that we can retouch our pictures?

Face makeup in Photoshop is no different than in real life. You also have to do every step, every part of the face of it meticulously. So, I will guide in detail about what I consider the most basic things in the face makeup.

Part I: Paint the lipstick in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will guide you how to paint lipstick so that they will look attractive and as real as possible. You can adjust the lipstick color as you like to fit the face of the model.

Step 1:

Put the image you want to edit in Photoshop, press Ctrl + J to duplicate it to layer 1

luscious lips

Step 2:

Click on the Quick Mask icon located as shown on the picture or press the Q shortcut key so the software will automatically switch to Quick Mask mode. Use Brush on the lips

luscious lips

Step 3:

After finishing painting, click on the original icon (or press Q) to set the selection. Here, besides the lips selection, the selection also includes the entire photo. Then press Ctrl + Shift + I to invert the selection. Also, press Ctrl + J to separate the selection (lips) into another layer.

luscious lips

Step 4:

On the lips layer, choose Image -> Adjustments -> Color Balance …

luscious lips


The Color Balance table appears you adjust the color to your liking, drag the red or pink to adjust the lip color for the lips.

luscious lips

Step 5:

On the lips layer, create a layer mask, press Ctrl + I to black out the mask. Also, select the Soft Light mode to blend color more beautifully (you can select the mode from Overlay to Vivid light to choose the most suitable colors), then reduce Opacity down to 70%  so that the lipstick color can be softer.

luscious lips

On the mask layer, I used the brush to paint on the selected lips, you can reduce the opacity a bit if you see the color is a bit dark.


Step 6:

Create a Curves layer, increase the brightness level a bit, then create a mask for this layer and highlight it by pressing Ctrl + I.

luscious lips

On the Mask layer, use the brush to paint white on the light parts in the lips so that the lips become shiny and lighter.

luscious lips


luscious lips

After just a few basic steps, we have created a fresh lipstick for this girl simply and perfectly right: D: D.

See the result!


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