How to shoot interior photos for E-commerce office?

admin March 29,2017

^8286488EE0E8E73AAAF0A1D2D3B531F763F425AEF5B8637A4C^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Like other products, when shooting interiors, it is always necessary to require techniques and styles. In this post, I will guide you all how to take interior photography in the closed space.

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There are many different ways to take interior pictures. One of them is architectural photography in order to represent the design and the layout of the house. Another way is focusing more on emotion and the indoor atmosphere called lifestyle & interior photography. The style you choose for a scene depends on the location, the subject as well as the purpose of the photograph. Most architectural magazines and real estate companies prefer to take interior pictures with “empty” house so that readers or viewers can visualize their own living space. Similarly, hotels, restaurants and beauty salons also choose this style. The second way to take interior picture is depend on lifestyle, in which people or other factors help to highlight the living space or real estate.

Taking interior photography requires you have to know about the differences in indoor photography when space is limited. Not only the technology, style, and layout are also the key elements that help you to get beautiful photos. Here are some important things you should keep in mind while shooting interior pictures.



Tripod is considered to be the most helpful assistant for photographers. You should use a tripod for taking pictures of the product.

what I want to mention is your photos must be sharp from the background to the foreground unless you have another idea. Because interior photos are still images of life and they are unanimated, Therefore, the long -time exposure will bring about a good effect. Using a sturdy tripod will allow you to expose longer and get enough light for the photos.

Remember to keep the camera straight on the tripod, otherwise, your photo will look amateur due to incline. Please check that the vertical objects such as the window frames are straight or not, they must be parallel to the left and right edges of the viewfinder.

Spending time on choosing the best angle

Choose a corner where looks attractive in the room and rearrange the furniture. Focus on the strongest features. Look for the unique features of the building and try to highlight them. If it’s an ultra modern room, shot architectural photos thoroughly. If it’s a British colonial-style apartment, direct your lens to decorative details, wood details, and unique decorative accents.

You may record the maximum space inside the room by backing to the corner of the room or doorway. You might not take the best view of the product from the center of the room.


Balance indoor lights

It must be bright when taking interior pictures, the exposure must be perfect and the colors must be vibrant.  it is necessary to balance the light so that there are no too dark corners and the too bright windows in your photos. There are many ways to do, so try some ways to balance the light. If there is too much sunlight, let drape down or stick paper on the windows to reduce the amount of light. Turn on all the lights in the room to balance the sunlight from the outside. Open the doors and windows. Even in cloudy days, it could be a good time to capture interior photo because the outside light does not match the light inside, giving the windows a sufficient brightness, but not too bright. Some of the interior photos will look better under the mixed lighting, so you can try shooting in the dark sky when natural and artificial lighting is balanced.

Avoid using flash

It is recommended not using flash because it will create an imbalance for your photos. Natural light is usually better and softer. If there is not enough light, you need to consider carefully where the additional light source is located. Flash is really the last option. Try attaching the camera to the tripod and use a long exposure. In that case, remember to use the self-timer function to avoid shaking the camera when pressing the button.

Search the diversity

One of the best tips to take beautiful interior pictures is to find out the variety of camera angles. Try pausing a wide angle to emphasize a certain detail. The close-up photos can add the variety to wide-angle shots.

Capture the corners of the room

When it comes to the art of taking interior photography, it is a great tip for taking pictures of the corners of rooms as this makes space look wider. Taking a corner photo with a wide-angle lens located at a very low angle will make the space wider than the reality.

Being a photographer, you need to consider and pay attention to what I share above.  make sure that it will definitely enhance your shooting experience. After shooting, you also need to Remove the background to give your images a professional touch.

Now you have already known how to shoot furniture photos!  Let us know if there is any question. Enjoy shooting!

Once you’ve finished photographing your furniture, save time by letting us edit your photos! Happy helpings!

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