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admin September 5,2017

glamour retouchGlamour Retouching is a particular kind of photo enhancement mostly for commercial use. In fact, it deals with professional models’ resumes or magazine cover retouching. Furthermore, in the sphere of glamour photo editing, every detail should be of great importance. As it exists for making every ordinary shot bright and worth everybody’s attention. Moreover, the retouched photo should be extremely alluring and eye-catching.

Many many people in different fields want to know about glamour and high-end retouching because it is necessary for their work:

Television Commercials (TVC)

Graphic design house

Magazine/Newspaper publishing company

And modeling agency/Fashion House/Showbiz Industry

Example of retouched photo:

glamour retouch

We can see the noticeable difference between the two photos before and after retouching. Clearly, the model looks more beautiful and fashionable.

Actually, the high-end photo plays an important part in the success of many magazines and companies. Every day, you may see abundant high-end photos of models and the products. And it is undeniable that the attractive look of the model has great affection on the customer’s thinking. In addition, many companies care much of their product images. So they hire retouchers to ensure the quality of the image, especially the fashion product. As a result, Glamour Retouching is very important in today’s world.

And below are some Photoshop glamour retouching examples:

glamour retouch

glamour retouch

Actually, in the world, there are many professional and successful retouchers. Below is one of them. And his name is Felix Barjou.

Well, this man is Photographer in Felix Barjou photography, Montpellier, Languedoc Roussillon, France. Actually, he grew up in the world of advertising with graphic designers for parents. Then, he started photography in 2008 with simple portraits and realize his real passion. Also, he passionates about light, image retouching and scene life. In addition, producing portraits and staged with a personal touch of humor are his style.

glamour retouch

He often works with artists: Singers, Dancers, actors, and DJ’s

Advertising and also fashion about photography and photo retouching are his passion.

If you are excited to get his portfolio, this link may help you a lot.

Below are some professional Glamour Enhancement services:

Cropping, resizing and trimming Photos

Grains and noise reduction

Brightness and contrast adjustments

Curves and levels and adjustments

Shadows and highlights adjustments

Color correction and color cast removal

Brushing, blurring, and sharpening

Smudging, fetching, and healing

Dodging, burning and stamping

Sponging, de-blurring, and de-focusing

Distorting, liquefying and extracting

Ageing, blending

And minor and major focus adjustments

In conclusion, we can see the importance and common of retouching in today’s world. Moreover, the need for retouched photos is increasing. Now many people are eager to pursue this career. Also, many customers are finding the good retouched photo and retoucher for their product quality.


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  1. An art of Image Retouching, aptly a hard-learned craft by people who have brain cells from the same origin as Picasso. you have done a nice job with the image editing services .


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