Set up a mini studio to get high-quality product images

admin April 5,2017

SLR Camera FX format performs romantic scene of tableware on a white background

In this post, we will guide you how to set up a mini studio for shooting high-quality product images.

One of the factors that importantly contributes to designing a website, which attracts the internet users. You can have the chance to promote the brand of your company. You join the online selling job, you must have the high-quality, sharper and illuminated product images. I do not mean your pictures must be beautiful, perfect like in a Hollywood movies because it is so complicated. But don’t give up, with a medium investment, we will suggest you how to have a mini studio, so you can get back the high-quality and sharper product image by shooting, then, you can actively create product image for your own website.


– Camera: You should equip a dedicated camera such as DSLR camera.

– Camera tripod, to keep camera not to be vibrated, and you can adjust the position and angle of your camera.

– Backdrop: You need a white, sharper paper. The size of it will depend on the product that you want to shoot: Big or small.

– White light equipment: The white light color will make your image look natural and balanced. You can use a table lamp or lamp with a tripod to make the lightest natural images.

Set up camera and mini studio


When you have already prepared all the equipment for capturing, you must follow these tips:


If you use a DSLR or PNS camera, here are those parameters you need to adjust:

– ISO: to make your image the most beautiful, you must set up ISO=100

– Aperture (f) set f=15 (recommended) to make all angles of your product be sharper.

– Capturing system: Auto or Portrait

– White-balance: set Auto-

-In shooting process, you should make your camera higher than the item in a suitable angle, and point directly to the backdrop.


If you use paper, you form the paper that makes a buckle angle. Before shooting, you need to check carefully the backdrop to avoid the dirty mark or rumpled mark on the backdrop.

White color lighting lamp

– The white color lighting lamp must be set up in the position that higher than the product and point down directly to the product.

– You should set up a lamp on the same side of the camera compared with product side.

– You should make the lighting angle of lamp directly point to the product.

– If you have two lamps, set them in the symmetrical position.

– If you have 3 lamps, set up the third lamp point the light in the upper position down to product directly.

Start for shooting

selfie-portrait-picture-photo - Copy

With the careful preparation of necessary equipment for having the best shooting, the quality of product images also depends on shooting technique and the creativeness of photographer. Below here are photographic techniques you should notice:

– Shooting angle of the camera.

– The art of product arrangement.

– Effect techniques.

– Finding focus point.


During shooting process, you should remember:

– Set up the camera in self-timer mode. By that way, the camera will not vibrate and you don’t need to press the capturing button.

– Put the product in the real environment, such as Watch should be in your hand, Glasses: you wear them on your face…To make customers have the real view of looking.

– To make mirror shadow (reflecting) you should put a mirror under the product.

– White color product should put in black backdrop to make the picture more outstanding ( You can refer here to know the reason )

– Aperture(f) should not be less than 8, this will make some part of your product be blurred.

– Avoid using lamps with yellow color or other images because they will delete the real color of your product.

That is all about how to make a mini studio for shooting product with high quality, we want to introduce for you. The creativeness is not limited so those techniques are only a part of the process, you shoot and make product image. Wish you be successful, thanks!



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