10 tips to take beautiful photos with the digital camera.

admin August 11,2017

digital cameraNo need for expensive DSLR, just with the popular Digital Camera, you can completely capture the best moments of family and friends. Let’s explore 10 digital photography tips with us!

  1. Warm Tone


You may have seen some photos of cold tone. That is because the light balance setting of the camera is set to “auto” mode. Therefore, when shooting in the sun, you should adjust from “auto” to “cloudy” mode. This correction is like placing a warm filter on the lens, increasing the red and yellow tints

If you really want to get the impressive photos, use a polarized filter when shooting in the sun. Reducing light intensity and unwanted reflections makes your images colorful and bolder, especially in sky shots.

  1. Use glasses

If your camera does not have a filter, use a good eyeglass lens and attach to the camera lens and adjust its position when viewing through the LCD screen. To create the strongest effect, stand so that the sun is above your left shoulder or right shoulder. Picture quality is best when the light shines a 90-degree angle on the object.

One of the hidden features in the digital camera is the “fill flash” mode, also known as “flash on”. By using this feature appropriately, you are moving to an important step in shooting outdoor scenes.

  1. Show your portraits under the sun
    Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

In “flash on” mode, the camera exposures the background and then adds enough brightness to reflect the object. This is also a trick that wedding photographers apply for many years.

Another noticeable thing is that the camera’s built-in flash range is only about 3m or less, so do not stand far away from the subject when shooting outdoors. You can apply the technique to place the subject in the position where the sun shines from the hair to the hip or place the object in a shade of a tree and use the flash. The model will feel more comfortable.

  1. Take close-up shots with Macro Mode

When you want to capture the fun worlds of tiny things, you do not have to lie on the ground, just use the “close up” or “macro mode” on your digital camera.

  1. Adjust the horizon

Pay attention! when using this mode, you only get limited depth. So, focus on the most important part to capture.

The optical lens of the camera often “distorts” the image when displaying wide landscape on the 2 inch LCD screen. The straight lines of trees in your eyes seem not to be straight over the screen and they would distract the photographer. So, try to take a picture with a horizontal horizon.

  1. Large memory card

Large memory cards will help you store more images and will produce better image quality (smoothness, color …). For example, a 3.0-megapixel camera requires at least 256 megabytes, 4.0 megapixel requires at least 512 megabytes or 6.0 megapixel for 1 gigabyte or more.

  1. Resize the image

As the memory is large enough, you can comfortably take photos of different sizes, but it’s better to set the image at the highest resolution. For example, a 640 x 480 is like a business card when printed, and 2272 x 1702 will produce a large, sharp image that can be printed in a magazine.


  1. Tripod

This 3-legs device is very useful. In the market, there are some compact and suitable types of different situations. Tripod help you capture on your own or avoid shaking hands due to tiredness.

  1. Set self-timer

This function is available on most digital cameras and waits up to 10 seconds after the press the shutter button. You can use “self-timer” for many different situations such as setting the background to capture yourself or catch slow moments.

Take a slow flow of water

We can take impressive images by finding a standard layout for a flow of water, then leaving the shutter open for one or two seconds. You will need the tripod to fix the camera during the long shooting time and the self-timer to lower the shutter. If your camera has an aperture setting set to f-8, f-11 or f-16. This will help you create depth for the photo and help the shutter close slowly.

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  1. I am happy to know that this blog emphasizes on the fact that ,No requirement for costly DSLR, just with the prevalent Digital Camera, you can totally catch the best snapshots of family and companions. How about we investigate 10 computerized photography tips with us!


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