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“I'm not a tech guy. I'm looking at the technology with the eyes of my customers, normal people's eyes.”

- Jackma, Founder of Alibaba and the newly-crowner richest in China.-

One of our founding members, Mr. Hieu Nguyen once had a problem and that is the problem of his friend. Mr. Hieu Nguyen wouldn’t hear the end of it. His friend had opened an online store and really expected great things but after three months operating, this business could not make the sales he had hoped before. He realized he needed help or he would be in this business for much longer. He knew he had to pin down the cause of this poor performance, but he was not sure. He didn’t know what to do. He decided that was the time for asking some of his friends with a keen eye for design whether his site will be on the way it should. It was plain to see that the site needed a drastic makeover. Mr. Hieu Nguyen gave him some advices on what would give the site a more professional look and specifically, how the images on the site could be improved. Then Hieu Nguyen got some inputs from his buddies, who help edit all the pictures.

Later, when all the changes suggested had been implemented, Mr. Hieu Nguyen and his team caught up with his friend. He was in a celebratory mood because after three months running business in a desperate situation, now everything had vastly improved, his website was selling well. He was glad the entire look of the website had been entrusted to Hieu Nguyen and his buddies.

Mr. Hieu Nguyen and his buddies immediately recognized that image is extremely important; the potential online buyer cannot directly see the product but if what he or she sees is well eye-catching then this will greatly influence whether a purchase will be made for. This was the reason that the company Rephotosolution was founded. It was founded by a team of young passionate graphic designers based out of Vietnam. They work together because they love what they do and love helping e-commerce clients. The creative studio was established soon after, well-equipped with the tools of trade, namely, computers and the latest and graphic editing software.

Their motivations continue to be informed by an understanding that: In this age of visual culture high-quality images when appropriately used, form long-lasting impressions and subsequently drive a potential customer’s purchasing behaviors.

If you are online merchant, involved in e-commerce, selling products or services online and need to attract customers but are not sure how to best place your images, so don’t worry! Rephotosolution are here to help! Rephotosolution’s enthusiastic designers are able to not only edit your images, but also manage the software and servers that you use, to send, receive and store your valuable images. Having operated now for more than 10 years, you will love how the designers edit photos, as their criteria is through the working of high-standard and service provision fast. Rest assured that some of the biggest brands out there, such as Amazon, Target, Alibaba, eBay and Topshop trust Rephotosolution to perform critical photo editing tasks.

With Rephotosolution’s services: background removals, clipping paths and retouching of images, as well as end-to-end online image storage management, Rephotosolution have been leading experts adding value to your e-commerce operation.

Rephotosolution’speople believe in the power of design.

Rephotosolution - live for each pixel!

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