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Today, the term “color correction” doesn’t differentiate the digital and photochemical pipelines. More often, professional colorists use “color correction” to define the task they are performing. They use the term to literally mean, “Correcting problems of the underlying image.”

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Clipping Path

We offer all type of clipping path services whether looking to remove the background from an image or multipath.

Make the Mask

In order to remove the background from an image, masking is more complex than clipping path.

Color Correction

Today, the term “color correction” doesn’t differentiate the digital and photochemical pipelines. More often, professional colorists use “color correction”.

Change Color

When editing images, there will likely be a time that you’ll need to change colors of an object in the image.

Ghost Mannequin

Order to create the “ghost mannequin”, you need to first photograph your product being worn by a model.

Original Shadow

To get a natural look or provide a sense of depth in the picture, you can use original shadow effect.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is simply shadow “ dropped” under an object, it gives an impression that the object is slightly raised above its background and is almost hovering in the free air.

Reflection Shadow

Reflection Shadow effect can help you mirror an object around an axis creating a mirrored version of the original object.


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